New Year, New Skill, Learn CPR

Happy New Year! Last year, 2020, got off to a flying start and by the start of March we had already trained several hundred people CPR and defibrillator skills, some 250 in one event at the start of March alone. Unfortunately since March 2020 we have been in and out of lockdowns and restrictions. We have not been able to deliver any training or undertake many fundraising events. However we have continued to give advice where possible and have been able to hand over defibrillators and consumables.

Covid-19 and CPR

Be aware under Covid-19 the recommendations for CPR have changed. Please see ResusUK for more information (and a video):

We have and continue to urge you to learn CPR which you can do at present from safely from your own home. To help you we have linked some of the resources we use below. The videos we use with the schools:

The more detailed videos:

Once you are happy you can test your skills with Life Saver – – which you can do on their website or download an app for your tablet/phone.