Over 2,000 trained with CPR

Back at the very start of March Heartstart Thatcham attended a STEM event at Francis Baily School. The team planned to talk to parents and engage some of the pupils. Indeed that was the case, however the numbers far exceeded what we thought with an estimated 250, or more, pupils learning hands-only CPR. Scheme Co-ordinator, Nick Young, said

I have never spent 5 hours, or more, on my knees performing CPR. It has been a fantastic day with 250+ pupils learning hands-only CPR and how to use a defibrillator. That is not only more potential life savers but more that may look towards a medical or caring career.

Scheme Co-ordinator, Nick Young

Some parents also had a go. All got to learn the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest and all got to try hands-only CPR and tried a defibrillator. Nick also noted

The session takes us to over 2,000 people trained with at least CPR and defibrillators, many with additional skills too.

Scheme Co-ordinator, Nick Young

Normally full CPR is shown including mouth-to-mouth, however primary pupils often struggle and with other things in mind it was thought safer to do hands-only, with hands and equipment being cleaned before and after use.

However we have not been able to get back to training and are not yet, August 2020, able to restart any training or other events. Some of the items covered on our courses, recovery position for example, are imposible to do while remaining socially distant. We do not know what the future holds and until the Covid-19 situation has come to a safe point to resume training we are keeping all training on hold.

Remember, until further notice all events are cancelled.