Lace Day

Heartstart Thatcham team were invited to attend their “Lace Day” in March to tell attended about what we do which included a demonstration of CPR and defibrillators. There were a number of events taking place including a raffle for which the money raised was donated to Heartstart Thatcham.

Newbury Bobtails, Lace and craft group started in 1984 and originated from classes run at Newbury College as those attending wanted to continue to meet. The group has flourished with members rising and declining over the years. They have taken part in exhibitions and demonstrations, organised and run Lace Days throughout the years. At present Bobtails are a self help group of 25 members who enjoy making bobbin lace and doing other crafts. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at Greenham Church Hall from 10am until 2.30pm.

The Heartstart Thatcham team were introduced to a number of attendees to the event and shown examples of items they had made. Heartstart Thatcham Scheme Coordinator said “there was a fantastic atmosphere with everyone helping one another. I am just amazed at the skills, patience and knowledge shown.

The support from such individuals and organisations, including Newbury Bobtails allow us to place defibrillators in the local community that are available 24/7 but also support us with maintenance, consumables and other ongoing costs. All of the support means we are helping to save lives.