Thatcham Broadway Shocked

Heartstart Thatcham have been able to unveil another public access defibrillator, this time working with Thatcham Town Council to achieve this. The defibrillator is the 49th unit installed by the charity with other units placed throughout West Berkshire and beyond. The Heartstart Thatcham team would like to see at least one defibrillator in each community and every school. Scheme coordinator Dr Nick Young said “Thatcham has two public access units in the town centre and would like to see more. The easier and faster units can be accessed the more lives can be saved. We would like to place another unit in the High Street to ensure easy access within the town centre.”

Defibrillators are used, in conjunction with CPR, to give someone suffering a cardiac arrest the best possible chance of survival. This is different to a heart attack. To learn more come on a course (see our events page).